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Stand with us

I would like to thank all of the people on this list from the bottom of my heart, for buying a T shirt and making a donation, in some case a bigger donation than their package or for rounding up, and in a few cases, for simply making a donation.

I appreciate that you are helping me to raise funds for refugee advocacy, and that you have committed to helping me raise awareness. Please do wear the T shirt with or without a sign, somewhere in public after you get it. Send me a picture to post ( you can hide your face if you are shy)

If your name is highlighted we need some additional information so we can processes your order. Please contact us ASAP through the email as we cannot process your order if we don’t know the size. We cannot deliver it if we don’t know the address. Also it may be that we cannot track your payment because you used a different name to the one on your order.

Bernadette Richards

Rosie Toohey

Barbara Huggins

Janne Light

Justine Knott

Coral Hassett

Alice Maxwell

Lucija Rozitis

Joanne Turner

Laura Paine

Fran McKechnie

Bronwen McCelland

Wendy Dunn

Rori Handcock

Barb Crossing

Sue Osbourne

Marion Anderson

Lucinda Brown

Tamara Lampard

Christine Gordon

Clwedd Burns

Dirk Flinthart

Launz Burch

Lyn James

Natasha Joyce

Ern Azzopardi

Sally Smith

Hajnalka Molloy

Judy Horacek

Deb Gates

Helen Merrick

Sheryl Gwyther

Mary Ross

Grant Stone

Jodie Wells-Slowgrove

Carol Poustie

Carmel Byrne

Julia Lawrinson

Sam Miller

Gillian Torckler

Anne S Moon

Ken Carmody

Matthew Carmody

Daniel Carmody

Helen O’connor

H.T Molloy

D.M Molloy

Stefani Rozitis

Niko Leka

Vicki Robertson

Bill Robertson


Alison Goodman

Fernanda Dahlstrom

Neil Taylor

Jess Schwendinger

Amanda Harding/Perram

Lynne Williams

Ruth Garlick

Melanie Worth

Peter Reiters

Firlie Greening

Michael Bauer

Russ Elwin

Wendy Crouch

Philippa & Todd Denney


Alex Bainbridge

Emily Smith

Tracy Mallia- Johnson

Jane Gross

Crystal Smith

Adria Schoenberg


Renae Hayward

Laura Taylor

Crystal Knight

Alison Lochel

Sally Hutson

Charmaine Clancy

Kasey Korda-Drayton

Simona Skaretcky

Margaret Warner

Bec Stafford

Tricie McGann

Pamela Freeman

Hannah Masterson

Deborah Green

Janet Hansen

Margaret Dahlstrom

Gillian Torckler NZ

Josh Duroux

Lindy Banks

Mary Ross

jeanene Douglas

Meredith Muzek

Rebecca Muzek

Kerryn Whiteside

Catherine McPhee

Zadie O’Neil

Peter Hogg

Sarah Lynch

Mo Johnston


Robyn Morgan

Sam Miller

Shaun Connor

Miranda Geoghegan

Helen Isitt

Melanie Hill

Helen Esmond

Ellen Reiner

Lynne Perry

Robyn Donoghue

Frank Forster

Georgina Ballantine

Sandra Chung

Russell Kirkpatrick

Merilyn Gavin

Adrian Gavin

Linda Harris

Caitlin McGrath

Linda Stevenson

Peng Wynn

Annette Willis

Glenyce Larke Normaly

Keira McKenzie

Karen Hollands

Liz Anelli

Alana Williams

Catriona Sparks

Felicity Blake

Anthony Phillips

Phil Langdon

Jenny Leahy

Suzanna Dewa

Craig Homberg

Virginia Lowe

John Lowe

Melanie Worth

Triciaa Read

Alison Green

Renee Graham